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Divine Phrases - SubhanAllah al Aatheem

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Immerse yourself in the Divine Phrases, a series of hand-crafted artworks meticulously fashioned letter by letter from the finest mahogany wood. This collection encompasses seven unique styles, each bearing a profound Islamic phrase:
  1. Style 1: La Illaha Illa Allah - ""There is no deity but God""
  2. Style 2: Mohammad Rasul Allah - ""Mohammad is the messenger of God""
  3. Style 3: SubhanAllah wa Bihamdih - ""Glory be to God and His is the praise""
  4. Style 4: SubhanAllah al Aatheem - ""Glory be to God, the Great""
  5. Style 5: Alhamdulilah - ""All praise is due to God""
  6. Style 6: Allah Jalla Jallaluh - ""Allah (SWT), majestic is His majesty""
  7. Style 7: Allahu Akbar - ""God is the Greatest""

Each artwork measures 22.5 inches in length and 18.5 inches in width, offering a sacred presence and a profound artistic statement for any space. The collection not only adorns the environment but also serves as a constant reminder of the spiritual truths and a testament to the skillful artistry in Islamic calligraphy.

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Divine Phrases - SubhanAllah al Aatheem

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