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Al-Khalil Heritage Large Ceramic Tile Serving Tray

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Experience the essence of traditional craftsmanship with our large serving tray from Al-Khalil. This exquisite piece of artistry is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Khaleeli design. It features six large, beautifully glazed ceramic tiles, each one a canvas for intricate patterns and vibrant colors.

The tray showcases six unique styles, each tile displaying a different design ranging from floral motifs to geometric patterns, all in harmonious symphony. The colors are a celebration of Middle Eastern art – deep blues reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea, earthy browns like the ancient stones of the region, and touches of gold that speak of opulence and history.

Designed for both functionality and beauty, this serving tray is perfect for entertaining guests or as a stunning display piece in your home. Each tile is carefully set into the sturdy wooden frame, ensuring durability while presenting the allure of the Levantine aesthetic.

Whether used for serving delicacies or as a statement piece for your living space, this Khaleeli tray is not just a household item but a slice of history, bringing the warmth and spirit of Al-Khalil into your home.

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Al-Khalil Heritage Large Ceramic Tile Serving Tray 12.5 in (L) x 18.5 in (W) x 1 in (H) / Style 1

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