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Protection Duas Wooden Art: Calligraphy & Mosaic

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Infused with spiritual resonance, this set of two circular wooden Duas embodies divine protection and blessing. Each piece is adorned with intricate Arabic calligraphy, gracefully depicting the protective prayers. The first Dua, "اللهم بارك هذا البيت" translates to "O Allah, bless this house," and the second, "فالله خير حافظا," means "And Allah is the best guardian." The elegant script is accentuated by delicate touches of color against a contrasting background, creating a visually harmonious and serene experience.

Available in three serene hues - Classic Black, Tranquil Blue, and Pure White, each offering its unique ambiance:

  • Choose between the Luxurious Golden script complemented by harmonious mosaics of gold-hued tiles, or the Sleek Silver calligraphy elegantly paired with a mosaic of various silver tones. Each design option offers a rich aesthetic that perfectly encapsulates the Protection Duas. Whether you opt for gold or silver, the luxurious finish poignantly frames the Duas, creating a piece of art that is spiritually significant and aesthetically exquisite.

Please note: As our products are skillfully handmade, each piece may slightly differ from the images shown, adding to their unique charm.

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Protection Duas Wooden Art: Calligraphy & Mosaic 12 in (L) 12 in (W) / Black - Silver

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